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Setting up tests for a game plugin

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:06 am
by WiverNz
Hi everyone,

could you please help me to set up tests for a game plugin
I have a test:

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void MySimpleTestCmd() { CryLog("MySimpleTestCmd is running"); } CRY_TEST(MySimpleTest, timeout = 60.f, game = true, editor = false) { commands = { MySimpleTestCmd, }; }
And run it like this:

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pTestSystem->RunSingle("MySimpleTest"); pTestSystem->Update();
but in the "CTestSystem::Update()" method I have:
Test 'MySimpleTest' - isEnabledForGame: 0 isEnabledForEditor: 0 isEditor: 0

so it goes into this condition:

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else // test is skipped
What is the correct way to configure the test to run?