Unable to link external static library


In trying to include a third party library into my game builds I am having trouble launching the Editor, GameLauncher or DedicatedServer. When attempting to launch any of them I am greeted with an error about the exe being unable to find the Game dll. I have verified that the Game.dll is build in the same location every time so it is not that it is missing.

Here are the only modifications I've made to my CMakeLists.txt file (excluding the definition of ULTRALIGHT_DIR which was done through `cmake-gui`

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#BEGIN-CUSTOM add_library(Ultralight STATIC IMPORTED GLOBAL) set_property(TARGET Ultralight PROPERTY IMPORTED_LOCATION "${ULTRALIGHT_DIR}/lib/Ultralight.lib") target_link_libraries(${THIS_PROJECT} PRIVATE Ultralight ) target_include_directories(${THIS_PROJECT} PRIVATE "${ULTRALIGHT_DIR}/include" ) #END-CUSTOM
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Re: Unable to link external static library

Usually in this case it means a dependency failed to load.

If you are using dynamic linking (Advised unless you build the sdk source yourself in the correct configuration) then make sure the engine can find the required DLLs from the SDK Bin folder.
The easiest way to do this is to copy them from the SDK/bin to the CRYENGINE_5.6/bin/win_x64 folder.
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