C# vs C++ in CryEngine

Hi everyone!

I've been a game developer for 4 years now as I've used mostly Unity to develop games, and I also have a couple years of experience in Unreal.

However, I'm a more skilled developer in C# overall than C++, and recently, I've been eager to explore CryEngine but one thing doesn't clear out that well to me.

I'd like to ask, how does C++ and C# differ from one another in scripting in CryEngine?

I saw in the create project box that there is a third person project template for either CPP and and C#, and this made me curious.

I've been meaning to do a project and potentially explore/scale it using CryEngine, although I'd like to sort of these questions as a start. Can anyone help explain the advantages/disadvantages between the two in the long-run?

Also, some advice and personal opinions between the two would be great as well.

Again, this is purely from someone who has zero experience in CryEngine, very willing to learn, and has a few years of game dev experience under his belt.

Thanks everyone and I appreciate all the feedback!

Re: C# vs C++ in CryEngine

Hi deytopg,

We will always recommend C++ when programming in CRYENGINE if you can, as the engine is built natively in C++ and provides the most flexibility, performance and usability.
It is indeed possible to use C# in CRYENGINE but we stress that this is an abstraction layer and not every system is exposed via C# for example.
C# can be useful though of course, for creating self contained entities or using other libraries that are built with C#.
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