5.4 Preview 4 | C++ | It is possible to run xor debug GameSDK from Visual Studio (2017) ?


I am trying to start GameSDK project from Visual Studio (2017). Whole engine with GameSDK I can compile without any errors (generatet by cry_cmake.exe).
To start GameSDK project I am setup its as startup project and set Command to start GameLauncher.exe with arguments "-project c:\proj\GameSDK.cryproject".
To engine folder I copied Assets folder from GameSDK game downloaded from Marketpleace.
When I try to debug it from Visual Studio 2017 I get some errors during loading a game .

I can copy compiled in profile CryGameSdk.dll to GameSDK game, set my dll as plugin and start it in Sandbox CE 5.4. But I cannot start it from VS.

Do you have any idea ?


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