Re: Deleting folder and files from Cpp ?

I don't see any implementation of a "Delete Absolute Directory" method in CryEngine. It must be something in the assets folder. May be missing something of course but to me it sounds like more of a safe-guard using the CryPak interface.

So no, you can however get the project directory and use PathUtil to append the folder eg;

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void CGamePlugin::OnSystemEvent(ESystemEvent event, UINT_PTR wparam, UINT_PTR lparam) { switch (event) { case ESYSTEM_EVENT_FULL_SHUTDOWN: case ESYSTEM_EVENT_FAST_SHUTDOWN: { string logsFolder = PathUtil::Make(gEnv->pSystem->GetIProjectManager()->GetCurrentProjectDirectoryAbsolute(), "logbackups"); // Delete folder code here... (depends on platform or c++17 support) }break; ...
Be careful deleting folders using native functions! Make sure you check 100% you are deleting the exact folder. Seriously.
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