Beginner: Creating New FlowNodes

In order to learn the ropes in CryEngine V, I'm attempting to create a new Flow Node.

To create new nodes using C++, do I need to have the engine files, or would the Launcher version of the Engine (with DLLs only) be enough for this endeavour? I ask this question because I tried using the existing code in, say, CryAction/FlowSystem/Nodes/FlowMathNodes.cpp. But tried placing my CustomNode.cpp in my Project directory.

What I've noticed is that It fails to compile, saying the static variables have not been referenced. (Variables- CAutoRegFlowNodeBase::m_pFirst and CAutoRegFlowNodeBase::m_pLast) This makes sense from a CPP perspective as they want me to define these values. If I do initialize these values in my CPP, it does compile but never gets registered and I can't find it in the flowgraph on launching the editor.

Any guidance?

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