C++ Shut down the engine

Hi! I can't shut down the engine through C++ in CE 5.4 preview 3 . In 5.3 when map was loaded, I used unload cvar and then exit(0); to shut it down, but in 5.4 if I call exit(0);, then it freezes.
I tried:

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exit(0); and gEnv->pGameFramework->ShutdownEngine();
Second one also freezes. No crash, nothing. Console says "Exited with code 0 (0x0)", which is fine, but it doesn't disappear.
Are there any other methods?
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Re: C++ Shut down the engine

Hope I understand well the issue, you want to terminate your "game" from c++ code. If not, just ignore this :-)

For me it works like this:

Add to "defaultprofile.xml" another action for the key you want to press for quiting (I use "escape")

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<action name="escape" onPress="1" onRelease="1" retriggerable="1" keyboard="escape"/>
Add in the Initialize function of the player component (in "player.cpp")

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// Register the action m_pInputComponent->RegisterAction("player", "escape", [this](int activationMode, float value) { if (activationMode == eIS_Released) { gEnv->pSystem->Quit(); } }); // Bind the escape action to the escape key m_pInputComponent->BindAction("player", "escape", eAID_KeyboardMouse, EKeyId::eKI_Escape);
Hope that helps
Charalampos :-)

Re: C++ Shut down the engine

I didn't want to show how to get keyboard actions. I've put a little bit more code than just "gEnv->pSystem->Quit();" only because I thought it is better to show exactly what I have done. And sure this is probably not the best way, it just not crash for me :-)

Thanks für pointing out about the defaultprofile.xml, I thought I have to put the actions there anywhere. I don't use the engine very often nor I am a good programmer, just want to test 5.4.

Charalampos :-)

Re: C++ Shut down the engine

This topic appears to be solved.

For reference, the console command "Quit" internally just calls pSystem->Quit(); so I wonder why you are having trouble using this function directly. It is the proper method to quit the application.
If there are other issues it may be best to start a new topic, as the subject matter of this topic has been solved.
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