Beginner confusion

I got to do my first C++ Cryengine build today, and boy was it a hassle. Information is so scattered across the web, most valuable information is not mentioned by the official docs, and is told by third parties instead. Now that I have at least some place where I can put my code, can anyone answer some of the basic questions that rise immediately to my mind:

In the FPS template that comes with the engine the camera behaves quite weirdly. I'm sure everyone knows that, but did anyone figure out what's wrong with it? I can see that the player hands only rotate along the up axis, the gun doesn't point to the centre of the screen so I'm assuming there is no ray tracing involved either, and the model also freaks out and shakes a lot when you rotate camera view. Is this a problem with the player model missing bones to animate properly, or is the template code so vastly incomplete? Are there any decent examples of C++/C# FPS controllers that actually work?

The tutorial section suggests trying out GameSDK sample for "learning how we did it", but what can I learn if the sample hides all the code in a compiled dll? Can't even see how they did the camera controller there.

I'm reading through the source of Chrysalis by ivanhawkes as it is the only real piece of C++ code I could get my hands on and I notice that it's making use of AddMovement method to move the characters. Reference here: ... dCharacter
Is this method the goto method for moving player characters?
Does it do physics/collisions?
There is velocity and rotation involved, does it rotate and then move or the other way around?
If forward movement is described by velocity I assume the impulse can continue for several frames before fully resolved. Does calling this method again stack velocity infinitely?
Is rotation really rotation (immediate), or is it actually torque?
What is prediction there for?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions, I just want to understand the implications of my actions before I make anything stupid.

Does anyone know a good way to sift through the hundreds of lines of output console stuff that the engine dumps out during runtime? I need to pay attention to some warnings/errors, but they get lost. Right now I have to find lines by patterns like [Warning], and even then there are about 11 other warnings that the engine prints that I have to skip.

Also what is this in the output? I get this in the default template with no modification.
[Warning] --- CRenderElement PostProcess leak after level unload
[Warning] --- CRenderElement DeferredShading leak after level unload
[Warning] --- CRenderElement HDRProcess leak after level unload
Isn't that a bad thing?

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