Re: 5.4 Preview 2 | C# | How to access engine components.

I am aware of the functions that return the component, what im looking for is the component type. For example the component I have created can be accessed with Entity.GetComponent<MyComponent>();, this will return the component of that entity. If I have a component that is in the project by default such as: CharacterController, etc; how can I access them? Since I can't seem to find any types for them. Entity.GetComponent<CharacterController>(); gives an error on CharacterController part.

Re: 5.4 Preview 2 | C# | How to access engine components.

The Core C# library doesn't have any default components like C++ has at the moment. The components you can already use are available in the Game library which is different per template. The RollingBall template only has a Player component for example, and the Third Person Template has the Bullet, CharacterAnimator, Player and ViewCamera components. The source for those components is included in the templates, so you can see how they access certain features of the engine.
If you need to access other parts of the engine, you can check the Engine class which provides access to some of the other systems in the engine.

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