Re: 5.4 Preview 2 - Can't generate solution

Yeah, it works. I know I don't need to build it twice. Obviously later I just need to compile in vs which works fine. However this "Generate solution" button is there for a reason and it does not work for me. Your way is a workaround, which I am grateful for! However it is worth noticing that for some people that problem occurs.
I would like to add something to it.
Once I clear cache, in the configuration process in the field where you choose the vs version, it is better if you choose the version 15 2017 x64, not 15 2017. When I choose the second one it uses x86 compiler (Yes, my system is 64bit). But if you choose 2017 x64 it is all good. Thank you, problem solved, However, I informed crytek about that.
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