How to start learning C ++?

Hi, there was a problem when choosing sources for working in a visual studio and studying C ++, for working in CE5.

Before that I worked in UE4 on bluprints and CE5 in FG, but now I understand that to create a real project, you need to learn the C ++ language ...

I visited many forums of programmers asking how best to start and from which I was given so many answers and advice that I do not even know what will be better for further development.
There are many books on C ++, I do not take video lessons into account, because I want to not just learn how to program in C5, but to program well and know what I'm doing.

Here, I'm sure there will be people who started this way as well as I from scratch. There will also be professionals who have been trained in everything in special institutions. I need your help and help!

Help determine with what you should begin this path, with what textbooks, lessons, examples. Tell me how you went through all this, it's very important! Is it worth starting to study programming at once in C5 or is it better to study some C ++ books first?

I will be grateful for your help and direction on the right track!
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Re: How to start learning C ++?

Unfortunately, I now do not have the opportunity to go to the programmer, because there is work and family. Maybe in the future, but now I want to do what I can. So that in the future I could develop independently, even if I do not get to go to school.

Perhaps you can tell me some book that will suffice me, then to study programming in C5. I dont know...:(
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Re: How to start learning C ++?

Unfortunately, there isn't much to go off of as of now. I wound up self-teaching myself the syntax of CE V after years of previous C++ knowledge. I'd recommend learning C++ as a language first, then moving on to teach yourself the syntax with the help of these official tutorials (in order):

These will teach you the new CE V plugin syntax when writing C++ code for a blank or template project (not GameSDK sample since it uses legacy systems).

Re: How to start learning C ++?

I agree start with some aimple apps or w/e, at least try your own simple pool allocator so you grasp at least the basics of memory management.

If you are really new check out c++ videos on youtube by "jamie king". Start with the c++ types video and then move on from there. He gives good groundwork to learn c++.

Have fun
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Re: How to start learning C ++?

Hi. One resource I can highly recommend is this website called

It is a full featured learning platform that this guy named Alex put up so that others can learn C++ as well. It goes anything from the very beginning where you really don't know anything to some of the more advanced features of C++. He regularly updates the database, adds new subjects, and expands upon what he already has. I would highly recommend it for beginning programmers as it doesn't (or at least tries not to) put complex and later subjects at the beginning in certain chapters unless explicitly stated that the code can't work without it and what chapter to find it.. He has examples of each code that he recommends typing yourself so you learn how typing code feels and get the hang of it, the do's and don'ts of C++ coding that at least his college courses didn't teach him, and much more.

Being as its a resource I am currently using to learn C++ myself and have gone quite a ways using just this resource, I can personally recommend the use of it.

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