Feedback for editor team regarding 5.6.x

Finally managed to get things built for 5.6 and started to look into why I can not get the new level editor running correctly. I hope that this isn't taken as me trying to beat a dead horse, but now that I've managed to get the code for this version building and implement my fixes I'm not actually sure that someone with code knowledge on the matter took a look at my respective issue. I did associate it with an earlier one due to my perceptions of a broken build at the time and I presume the promptness of its closure was due to that.

One of the biggest things I've pushed for over the past few years in my custom engine version has been consistency in and between the level editor and game client/server. Here in 5.6, the Project Browser is introduced and the code supporting that makes an assumption that the root directory will be what contains cryengine.cryengine. But elsewhere in the engine (even in the next scope of the level editor's Init function), it is assumed that the engine directory is what defines the location of the root directory. Now my closed ticket said to raise this "suggestion" in the answer hub, but that site hasn't worked for me in years (believe me, I used to hold the high score there). So I can only bring this up here.

Here is my simple fix for the FindCryengineRootFolder() located in Utils.cpp ( ... ls.cpp#L21).

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string FindCryEngineRootFolder() { QDir dir(qApp->applicationDirPath()); while (dir.exists()) { //Zeph fix //platform_impl.inl sets a precedent to look for <root>/engine and not <root>/cryengine.cryengine //QDirIterator iterator(dir.absolutePath(), QStringList() << "cryengine.cryengine", QDir::Files); QStringList engineList; engineList << "engine"; engineList << "Engine"; QDirIterator iterator(dir.absolutePath(), engineList, QDir::Dirs); //~Zeph fix if (iterator.hasNext()) { return QtUtil::ToString(dir.absolutePath()); } if (!dir.cdUp()) { break; } } return ""; }
Given that main and PR branches are gone, I can only hope that posting this here would lead to a fix. Not everyone keeps that file around, as it has only been used externally to register a custom engine version with the launcher. (I particularly don't keep this file in my custom versions and version control after the 5.4 previews messed with my right click menus and I had to reinstall the OS to get it working again).

Re: Feedback for editor team regarding 5.6.x

They don't have the manpower to do anything until after 5.7, so we have to wait 2+ years.
Expect this suggestions to be 'taken' and not used and/or thread closed.

On the note of 'Root directory contains XXX', there are even more issues where they assume where your Game.cryproject file is located.
I've had to fix quite a few that depended on the file being in root directory, now editor works properly/projects aren't limited to 1 area etc.
(Plus they have some other relative/absolute path bugs ugh)

Too bad they closed the PR with no comment (along with a bunch of others).

Good samples of their modus opperandi == how they are handling issues... "This is probably fixed" Silently closing even though issue is reproducible in most recent build. Whoot.

Maybe they'll disable issues just like PR's xD

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