Server not updating skeleton poses

How should server handle skeleton pose updates if its entities never register as 'visible'?
m_SkeletonPose.m_bInstanceVisible == false 24/7

Have to enforce skeleton updates to get any poses updated.

Plus SetForceSkeletonUpdate(1) is bugged (in de-increment, made an issue)
And CA_FORCE_SKELETON_UPDATE sets "m_bFullSkeletonUpdate", but AFTER some m_bFullSkeletonUpdate checks/dependencies
For example, IsQuasiStaticSleeping() etc.

Re: Server not updating skeleton poses

The variable is bugged and always has been. The tick rate only updates it on startup and never increments it on the game loop.

You're gonna most likely need to setup a RPC calls that generate the events up to the server during the Animations. Can try creating a socket and printing the sockets transform location to the screen to verity that each pose and refresh bones match that of the client side. With collision events fired should be able to control the poses and skeleton.

Not 100% sure as ce5.5 doesn't have all this implemented yet.

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