Looking for some advice on an Intergalactic Warfare Project

Hello. I'm new to Cryengine but have been through many if not all of the video tutorials. I'm currently attempting to move from Game Studio A8 Pro to Cryengine but I have a few questions and concerns but overall I would like advice which can help point me in the right direction within my conquest to create a very large and perhaps one of the best multiplayer intergalactic warfare sims ever built thus far.

I know some C programming and have already mostly figured out how to work with Game Studio A8 Pro regarding multiplayer support and manipulating predefined functions and such to build what I'm trying to build. The reason I'm attempting to switch over to Cryengine is because I'm impressed with the water physics and the Cryengine itself seems to have been well updated to handle newer graphic card tech. I'm very passionate about creating the best Intergalactic Warfare game with this cryengine if I can get the advice I need. As a developer I know what I'm trying to do and what I need to build. I just don't know C++ yet however I'm trying to complete an Early Access build for steam ASAP and I'm already a Steamworks Partner. I will list a few things I'm trying to do and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

All planets in my game will be randomly and procedurally generated. There will most likely be no loading screens except for initial game load but traveling from planet to planet will not have any loading screens. The planet's terrain is where my primary concerns lie.

In Game Studio A8 Pro I was initially creating pieces of land that would form themselves into explorable worlds for other players to explore, build, and fight in. Now moving over to the Cryengine what I need to do is be able to change the location of landmass and also move the locations of triggers, effects, etc with it. Meaning if I have lakes which are the same but exits in different layout variations during planet generation I need to be able to move entire environmental areas during run time or during gameplay so I can have planets generate as players move to new areas within deep space.

Also I know the new documentation is being worked on but I was really trying to find more info when it comes to multiplayer support mainly referring to the flow graph programming with multiplayer. I already understand certain things I'd like the server to handle but switching development engines seems slightly more difficult. Biggest concern is how to move landmass and effects with it during game run time.

The only ideas I have of doing this is if I were to use regular models as pieces of land because I know models can be moved during run time as in A8 Pro but static entities cannot be relocated/moved during run time but only during level loading in A8 Pro. My biggest fear regarding Cryengine is the default land mass type will not be movable/relocatable after game launch which will just mean I'd have to use regular 3d models for the land. I hope there is a better way but I'm assuming there is since Cryengine appears to be so capable. I'm looking forward to the online documentation being finished.

Re: Looking for some advice on an Intergalactic Warfare Project

I guess that sadly your best approach is to use a static mesh.
However I guess that there is some sort of way to generate a heightmap from code and apply it to the terrain (at least you can do this inside the sandbox editor. So I guess that there is also some way to do this from C++. But it might need some modifications of the engine code. Not sure about this). Sadly I don‘t know much more about it. So what you could do is to create your „map parts“ as modular height map pieces that you can then rearrange from code.
Sadly there is no way to move the terrain as far as I know.
So i guess your best approach is seriously to use modular terrain assets. You could then add all your 3D models and light setup etc. and create a prefab from it. I think that prefabs should be spawnable from code (but also sadly not quite sure about this).

- Jannis

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