Problem with FlowNode

I have a question again. I'm using the First Person Template and tried to implement a FlowNode.
The code does compile, however I don't get the FlowNode inside of FlowGraph. Neither the Category nor the Node itself semm to be registered.

To test it further, I implemented another very basic FlowNode without any real logic. Even this node doesn't show up inside of FlowGraph.
For simplicity here is the code of my test FlowNode:
(The embedding of code seems not to work properly. So I just copy/pasted it here. If I use the code feature of this forum, all new lines are removed which makes the code impossible to read)

#include "StdAfx.h"
#include <CryFlowGraph/IFlowBaseNode.h>

class CMyFlowNode final : public CFlowBaseNode<eNCT_Instanced>
CMyFlowNode(SActivationInfo* pActInfo)


virtual IFlowNodePtr Clone(SActivationInfo* pActInfo)
return new CMyFlowNode(pActInfo);

virtual void GetConfiguration(SFlowNodeConfig& config) override
config.sDescription = _HELP("Description");

virtual void ProcessEvent(EFlowEvent event, SActivationInfo* pActInfo) override


virtual void GetMemoryUsage(ICrySizer* pSizer) const override

REGISTER_FLOW_NODE("TestNodes:Test", CMyFlowNode);

There is no header file. Just the .cpp. But I guess that this is all right for FlowNodes.
So what did I do wrong?

- Jannis

Re: Problem with FlowNode

Thank you very very much furry22uk. That did the trick. I looked into the code (on github, I just searched for your term "RegisterFlowNodes") and found the corresponding functions and two Macros for registering and unregistering.
I just needed to add the lines


to my GamePlugin.h file and it works just fine. I just used it the same way that it was used inside the DefaultComponents ( ... nDll.h#L15). Works like a charm.
Thanks for that help. Really appreciate it.

- Jannis

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