How to show volume of the phys collision proxy?

Hi I trying to implement the selection of units on map, recently I add to few tested models phys_collider box and re-export those models.
Now i want to see the boundbox of physcolliders for each of model on map, so I tried to type "p_draw_helpers 1" into console, but is says that this is [VF_CHEAT] (variable not allowed in Release mode) and do not show to me anything( tried both release and profile build for game plugin
so how to debug model's colliders?

Re: How to show volume of the phys collision proxy?

Hi there, are you sure your meshes have physical proxies defined?
Are you using a mesh component to display? (You will need a Rigidbody component to physicalize the mesh if so).

Bounding boxes can be displayed using the command "e_bboxes 1"
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