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I am trying to compile CryGameSDK.dll with the Code folder that ships with the CryEngine main branch in Github.

The Code does compile, but I am unable to open the GameLauncher or Sandbox.

The compiled version that ships with the package GameSDK 5.5 (marketplace) is okay, but the Code/GameSDK folder from Github seems to be a different code.

Can anyone confirm if I am missing a step in order to compile the GameSDK and open it in CryEngine 5.5?

And by the way, how is the support from Crytek to the current GameSDK?
Can we consider it to be a safe framework to extend it from? Is Crytek planning in converting the actual core game to the new Entity System? I am talking about the basics systems like the player movement, weapon handling, etc.
Can we actually use this codebase on real projects?

I'd really appreciate a light on that subject.

Thanks in advance!

Re: GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5


Can anyone give me a hint on this?

I know CryTek people are really busy.

I would love to see any info coming from someone that already used the GameSDK, or probably any CryEngineer from CT.

I actually would like to know if there is any possibility for my company to start our project using the GameSDK as a framework core codebase.
Unreal Engine gives us a similar project, the ShooterGame.

If you look at the code in ShooterGame, you'll see a lot of stuff that Epic actually didn't put on the Docs yet.

So, I would like to understand if the GameSDK Codebase is a good code to look at in terms of Engine Architecture or if CryTek has the intention to override the whole code because of the changes in 5.4 and 5.5 framework.

Thanks a lot!

Re: GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5

Hi jdmapas,
not sure whether I can help you with compiling alhtough I would suggest downloading GameSDK archive from Marketplace and copy the code from github, then compile it. This is what I did and confirm it works. Of course make a copy of it and don't use default GameSDK locaction for your project, just in case.. It's good idea to copy them. Also there is a video if I'm not mistaken on the official channel on how to generate solution with githup on the official Cryengine YT channel. Give it a quick search and perhaps mimicing it could help you out.

In terms of using GameSDK for your core project. Well, being frank with you I'd suggest you analyze what does the GameSDK has that you want... you can still learn and many things are different. It's definitely more bloated but advance and many things are handled differently. So really it's up to you.. no one will make this choice. Regarding GameSDK - well, it's old but still viable solution for building your project. Many will disagree... but ask how many of advisers actually released full project, heh? :) Since I've started working on Cryengine 5 around 2 years ago I had similar questions and yes, apparently Crytek plans to depreacate it but still it hasn't happened so in 2 years instead of hesitating you can have quite big chunk of project ready. Anyway, it's still great source of learning how things were done and you can jump start. Of course keep in mind there will be loads of cleaning, debugging later on etc and not sure whether it's supported... but hey, again, you want to make great game right, and make it unique.
Also consider whether you want to make FPS and use stock animation? What external DCC tool you're planning to use for your characters? What feature would be useful.. I love ladders, ledges, smart materials etc in GameSDK and don't use animation so I create my own skel/characters, build on it. Will see whether I will have to rebuild it myself.
So it all depends. I guess noone will know better than you. You need to ask yourself a question

In terms of updates... I've started working on CE5.2 (GameSDK) and many things changed. CE5.5 was huge leap forward but still many things need to be rewritten and I would expect v. 5.6 to be the one I would love to work. But waiting one year is a big no no for me. So I use tools provided and if I must I will do migrate to clean project but in general can't afford to wait.. So going to be using 5.6 for next project and in the first place I'd use GameSDK. But again, it's your risk and responsibility. Learning curve is steep but CE is great engine to start with.

I know I haven't provided you with any 'firm' information but hope it shed a bit more light of someone who started with the engine only while ago. And again do check out official CE channel and many other like James Brady (some of them gshed more light), Collins, Hard Game Channel CE (RU dude ;)), Andrei's Ghenoiu, Music4Life etc.. If you are more experience unlike me (web dev background) then you should be up and running pretty quickly. :)

Good luck with your project.
GorbashGaming - Beginner Tutorials for CE ... Img/videos

Re: GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5

Don't use GameSDK.

Even according ot CryTek, after all these years it's finally going to be deprecated.

I recommend that you build a game from scratch or team up with others to form a new framework then split off into your own game stuff. A community effort to create a new 'GameSDK framework' would be nice.

You could technically use it for 'how stuff used to work' but a lot of that is changing/changed (e.g. no object extensions anymore) so that's not helpful much either.

Hopefully CE will get a new sample out in half a year or so.

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