How to debug c# codes in visual studio 2017?

Hey everyone
I was coding today and one of my variables had a value that I never gave it or no any reference changed it value except what I coded
so I decided to debug my code but because whole solution is class so there is no executable code and I couldn't debug my code.
Is there anyway to debug your codes for runtime errors? or something like breaks or ...

Re: How to debug c# codes in visual studio 2017?

Unless the code is inlined I cannot see why there would be no executable code that a VS debugger can profile.
This smells of heap corruptions, perhaps incorrect indirection to an invalid pointer or buffer under/overrun.

These bugs can be very hard to track, ideally you will want to set a data breakpoint on the memory location that is getting overwritten and try to find the code path that is causing it.
This is possible in Visual Studio and the latest version made this easier: ... splus_only
/ Edit, I see the topic mentioned C#. Unfortunately I am not versed in C# well enough to debug this.
This will be much more difficult to track the issue in managed code as you cannot simply set Data Breakpoints as far as I know.

What variable is it? Is it part of a data structure that is passed or got from the engine?
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