[Solved] Physics impulse not triggering.

CRYENGINE Version: Modified Preview 5 version, time-accuracy improvements only. Most definitely the 'source of error' but I'm just not sure how to debug the below.
Level source: Stock first-person-shooter CE template, based on gametemplate folder code (not downloaded launcher)

- Stock CE with same template code has no issues. Problem lies in my engine edits, not sure how to even trace it though.
- Ran in VStudio 2017, debug mode. Directly via GameLauncher.exe -project GameFPS.cryproject

BUG: "Bullets perma-hover"
Player character gets velocity applied properly (WASD -> moves around, model + camera follows etc.)
Left click to send bullet -> Bullet spawns properly, but continues to 'hover' in midair and never gets launched. Impulse missing!

In bullet.h, the below returns code 1 for 'successful'. There are no errors or warnings in log. Impulse is not 0, and bullets simply don't move. You can stack up to 20 randomly :P
(Collision still works, if you left click a bullet near another one then they both get a collision impulse and kill themselves as normal)
// Send to the physical entity

Stack tracing and comparing runs between stock CE and my CE, can't find any difference in calls to physics action impulses. Since I'm not familiar with how the Physics system does things I'm fairly lost on where to proceed here, where could it be freezing? Perhaps waiting for some form of timeout that never triggers, if so, why? And why does it work for living entities but not rigid entities? :\

is_unused was always returning 'false' -> So max timestep would be set to 0 -> no timestep for rigid entities so ofc the object's dont move.
On another note, ApplyBuoyancy is where the OnAction() section gets triggered, really? xd
And as expected after 3 days narry a comment.

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