Converting problem

Hey guys! I hope those who know something about my issue will help me!

When i debug, i have to use 2d text messages or console messages you know. And all of them gets only one input type. Some of them can be char or string, anyways, my problem is converting any string or int or any type of variables into any type. I wanna convert them just like flowgraph. Yes, this question can be about C++, but i could not find useful information, it can be my bad. Anyways, i hope you'll help me.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Converting problem

I don't clearly understand what you want to convert. In my opinion, with C++, you should clearly specify what type of input and output data. When you do that, you can convert whatever input into your wanted output data.
To convert like flowgraph, you should also write the codes that direct the flows
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