Re: Does Debug:inputAction work in the release build of a game

When you compile the engine you have the option to compile in Release configuration. When building in release configuration certain parts of the engine will be hard-coded and some debug feature will be stripped. Only if you compile the engine in release mode, this is for performance and security. Also, in 5.5 we ship release binaries for the engine, so you can test this by launching the GameLauncher.exe in the release bin folder from the launcher with the argument "-project [path/to/game.cryproject]".

Whether your method of capturing input would be affected by this is unknown to me though, I am assuming you are talking about the Debug Input flow nodes in Flow Graph. If this is the case there is a good chance these will still function in release built binaries but, in the end it would require a test to be sure.

Usually you would use the Action Map flow nodes to capture input via the Action Map system that is the input system used in CRYENGINE, the debug input is generally a quick way to get some interactive features into a prototype in Flow Graph, this way you do not need to change or setup a new action mapping to test a certain prototype.
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