Re: Iterate through all IVegetation objects


unfortunately there is no interface for iterating through all IVegetation render nodes (nicely). As already mentioned in the thread there are ways to access them anyway, but I wouldn't recommend to iterate through all render nodes. Would you mind explaining why you need to do that, is there something specific you want to do with the vegetation? Keep in mind that a larger scene can easily have over 200.000 vegetation objects and that's why the 3DEngine doesn't provide accessors.


Re: Iterate through all IVegetation objects

I wanted to remove all vegetation instances with specific surfaces (wood_breakable). Because I am implementing procedural breaking system for my custom network system and I think it would be cool, when Client loads the map, to remove all breakable trees that I have, so that after connection server will provide their current state and if they actually exist anymore.
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