Enforcing animations to an older state/Synchronizing animations over network

Related to viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11948 and my other animation questions.

I have actions, which run on scopes, and also run various fragments.
I can't figure out how to enforce an older snapshot, or really to any snapshot.

e.g. Lets say full animation is 3 seconds
If server data says this animation to has been playing for 1 second, lets say you're about to start crouching.
But on client it's nearly done (2 seconds in, nearly at floor) -> Need to revert to the keyframe for '1 second into animation'.

Since cameras can be bound to joints, physics may correlate to joint position, and so on.
These are gameplay affecting changes, not merely visual, so animations/skeleton-poses must sync up across the network.

How do you guys handle this in CryHunt? How can this be handled in CryEngine?

Seriously out of my depth here, without any help I doubt I can create a system in reasonable amount of time......

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