Text over Entity


i am trying to draw text over the entity to debug some states. but i habe over 100 of entitiy and i can not show a list on the screen

is it posibile to draw the test directly over the entity? and how?

i have try it with gEnv->pAuxGeomRenderer->RenderText(...) but it is still in the left corner the String.


Re: Text over Entity

You want to look at:

Code: Select all

Vec3 screenPos(ZERO); gEnv->pRenderer->ProjectToScreen(entityPos.x, entityPos.y, entityPos.z, &screenPos.x, &screenPos.y, &screenPos.z); screenPos.x = screenPos.x * 0.01f * gEnv->pRenderer->GetWidth(); screenPos.y = screenPos.y * 0.01f * gEnv->pRenderer->GetHeight(); gEnv->pRenderer->GetIRenderAuxGeom()->Draw2dLabel(screenPos.x, screenPos.y, and so on

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