InputComponent BindAction bug?

hello guys
my question is about m_pInputComponent->RegisterAction(...) bug
is it normal for one input groups override other keys(with same name) in other groups?
for instance, let say I have two component with code:
default player from blank template

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// Register an action, and the callback that will be sent when it's triggered m_pInputComponent->RegisterAction("player", "moveleft", [this](int activationMode, float value) { HandleInputFlagChange((TInputFlags)EInputFlag::MoveLeft, activationMode); }); // Bind the 'A' key the "moveleft" action m_pInputComponent->BindAction("player", "moveleft", eAID_KeyboardMouse, EKeyId::eKI_A);
and other

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m_pInputComponent->RegisterAction("SimpleComponent", "moveleft", [this](int activationMode, float value) { HandleInputMoveLeft(activationMode, value); }); m_pInputComponent->BindAction("SimpleComponent", "moveleft", eAID_KeyboardMouse, EKeyId::eKI_F);
it just override input key bindinds for default camera ("player" group name") from blank template.
in-fact I got movement for both componets on F key, but why? I use another group name for my component !

Re: InputComponent BindAction bug?

Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, if you would be so kind to create a GitHub issue for this problem that would be awesome.
Simply state that Action Map Group is not specified when adding extra input listeners in the InputComponent and we can hopefully get a fix in for 5.5.

A fix has already been pushed to stabilization branch for 5.5: ... 7be381b4dd
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