Rope jitters and goes inactive when standing

I'm not able to master this rope. I have attached it with two bind points, one to the pole of the fishing pole and one to the hook.
The rope does have 2 problems right now:

1. It completely loses its physical behavior and detaches itself when going into sleep mode
When it enters the state where it completely stops moving, moving the pole does not reactivate it. It does stay still on that position forever.

2. Complete jitter movement that just won't stop
I have no clue why this does happen SOMETIMES. It does jump wildly into different directions, while the object hanging on the rope seems to be not that affected from it.

My settings:

how I let them attach and set up in flowgraph:

No idea why this rope does act the way it currently acts. Does someone have experience with ropes, or does see the problem in one of my screenshots/videos?
I can provide further informations if necessary.



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