Blend(or transition?) between 2 animations bug

I have a problem with mannequin animations blendin blendout. Sometimes during blending from anim1 to anim2 object is rotated on 180 degrees around x just for 1 frame. The blend between anims should be ok, they are exported from the working game and exported with same blend timings. Also, in all cases I can find blend timing to remove this bug. But I need my custom timings!
I'm using 3ds max 2013, cry exporter to export animations (not fbx).
Skeleton between 2 animations almost not change, so probably it's a bug. Also, I should mention, that these animations are imported from old game to 3ds max (that's why I using old version, importer works only for it), and I changed position and rotation of main Bip: Bip01, because if I don't do it, model in CryEngine watches in the wrong direction and rotates every animation cycle(rotates because originally pivot rotation of Z of main bone equal to -90). But all works well after my changes, and I can find blend timing to remove this bug, but as I said, I need custom timings.
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Re: Blend(or transition?) between 2 animations bug


could you please try to tweak initial animation position or the rotation or both of the second animation? Is that always happening to your other animations or just these two? It's hard to "debug" your animation without the files and from the outcome of the Mannequin preview.

Could you please post a picture with the orientation of your Max rig in its skinning/bind pose and a picture taken from Character Tool? When you save and load the two animation in Max, is your rig facing the same direction in the very first frame of your animation? If not, you have re-orient the animations first.

In addition, make sure your rig in bind pose is correctly oriented in Max by following this rule:
In a top view the World +X axis is pointing to the right, so is the right arm of your character/rig. Your rig/character must look to the top/upper side of the "Top Viewport". Then your character is in the correct bind pose.

But please don't get me wrong. Take my suggestions/diagnosis with a grain of salt. Without the data, we can't say much.
Also, thanks to Mikkel Brons Frandsen, our Technical Animator, for help!

Re: Blend(or transition?) between 2 animations bug

Seems I solved it. So it's not a bug.
Thank you for an answer, it helped me to find the mistake.
Blend bag appeared because of all animations skelet rotated to Y, and .chr was rotated to -Y.
.chr was rotated to -Y (all .caf animations rotated to Y), and even if I rotate in 3ds max the original model, main bone or skin, when it's exported to .chr it's always rotated to -Y.
The solution was to delete and add again skin modifier in 3ds max, with old envelopes. Don't know what wrong with old skin modifier.

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