I cannot detect software collision, ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION in ProcessEvent

我设置了一个物理参数类型是SOFT,并且设置了物理实体的一些参数,当软体发生碰撞时,我无法在 ProcessEvent 中的 ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION 中获取碰撞信息,我想问一下是什么原因呢?

I set a physical parameter type to SOFT, and set some parameters of the physical entity. When the software collides, I cannot get the collision information in the ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION in the ProcessEvent. I want to ask what is the reason?
Below is my code

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Re: 我无法检测软体碰撞,在ProcessEvent中的ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION

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To your issue, it may make sense to provide the source code in text, rather than images, so that it can be tested more easily.
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Re: I cannot detect software collision, ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION in ProcessEvent

subclass cclothcomponent
https://github.com/CRYTEK/CRYENGINE/blo ... ponent.cpp

override and change to

Code: Select all

void CMyClothComponent::ProcessEvent(const SEntityEvent& event) { CClothComponent::ProcessEvent(event); switch (event.event) { case ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION: { EventPhysCollision* physCollision = reinterpret_cast<EventPhysCollision*>(event.nParam[0]); const char* surfaceTypeName = ""; EntityId otherEntityId = INVALID_ENTITYID; IEntity* pOtherEntity = gEnv->pEntitySystem->GetEntityFromPhysics(physCollision->pEntity[1]); if (!pOtherEntity) return; if (ISurfaceType* pSurfaceType = gEnv->p3DEngine->GetMaterialManager()->GetSurfaceTypeManager()->GetSurfaceType(physCollision->idmat[1])) surfaceTypeName = pSurfaceType->GetName(); otherEntityId = pOtherEntity->GetId(); if (Schematyc::IObject* pSchematycObject = m_pEntity->GetSchematycObject()) // Send OnCollision signal pSchematycObject->ProcessSignal(SCollisionSignal(otherEntityId, Schematyc::SurfaceTypeName(surfaceTypeName)), GetGUID()); } break; } } Cry::Entity::EventFlags CMyClothComponent::GetEventMask() const { Cry::Entity::EventFlags bitFlags = ENTITY_EVENT_COMPONENT_PROPERTY_CHANGED | ENTITY_EVENT_START_GAME | ENTITY_EVENT_RESET | ENTITY_EVENT_DETACH_THIS| ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION; return bitFlags; }
i guess mesh does not have collision.

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