Player.cpp Template File that Carries over Previous Movements (Walking, Jumping, Sprinting?)

Hi Everyone,
I just started trying to convert my project from 5.3 to 5.6.7 and surprised already how difficult the transition is.

I swapped out all my .adb and .xml files for the animations and their id tags so I could hopefully bring in all the previous animations I had for player movement in 5.3. However, I am having 0 luck trying to set up my Player.cpp file to have tags that use the animations I have working in the mannequin. On top of that, I've been trying to follow the "deer" tutorial for creating a new character and have also had no success adding the "jump" action. I was wondering if any template file exists that already has all the movement and animations correctly setup as previously using the sdkdefault skeleton and sdk animations?

Thank you for any advice!

Animations from 5.3 working in Mannequin...
But Cannot modify animation tags/Player.cpp file to correctly use these animations when I walk forward, idle, etc....

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