5.4 Preview 4 | c++ | Do you have any examples how to use beta implementation of PhysX ?


I would like to test the PhysX in Cryengine. I compiled engine with PhysX SDK (where I add include files of PhysX too) and setup it in system.cfg as you write in docs.

My entity is initialized as:

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   SEntityPhysicalizeParams physParams;
   physParams.type = PE_RIGID;
   physParams.mass = 90.f;

but PhysX is not working at all. The entity is not fallow down. In PVD I see my entities and world physics.

In cryengine logs I see differents native physx warnings in logs, eg.:

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<09:38:38> Loading Module CryPhysX.dll...
<09:38:38> PhysX - initialized.
<09:38:39> Initializing CryPhysX done, MemUsage=5268Kb
..\..\PhysX\src\NpFactory.cpp (821) : invalid parameter : Supplied PxGeometry is not valid. Shape creation method returns NULL.
<09:38:55> CRYPHYSX EMPTY FUNCTION CALL: void __cdecl PhysXWorld::SetPhysicsStreamer(struct IPhysicsStreamer *)
..\..\PhysX\src\NpRigidDynamic.cpp (338) : invalid parameter : NpRigidDynamic::isSleeping: Body must be in a scene.
..\..\PhysX\src\NpSceneQueries.cpp (716) : invalid parameter : NpSceneQueries multiQuery input check: direction must be normalized

and in each frame:

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..\..\PhysX\src\NpScene.cpp (1862) : invalid parameter : Scene::simulate: scratch block size must be a multiple of 16K

Cryengine physics impulse don't touch my entity in such case, where I suppose it should be .

Second question: it is possible to work and test my level in Sandbox with PhysX enabled (at the moment you dont provide sources for sandbox) ?


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