How to access physical proxy of a StatObj?

Hi, I would like to know how to get/set the physical proxy of a StatObj.
The goal would be to make a Mesh and a physical proxy and save them into a cgf from c++.
I found that
pMesh->SetSubsetMaterialId(subsetIdx, 0);
pMesh->SetSubsetMaterialProperties(subsetIdx, MTL_FLAG_RAYCAST_PROXY, PHYS_GEOM_TYPE_DEFAULT_PROXY);

would set physic in the subset but the subset mesh that represents the physics is visible, I would like it to be hidden (I tried with MTL_FLAG_NODRAW with no success).
I tried to access the physical proxy of a 3DSMax exported cgf to see how it is made but found nothing on how to access it.
Any Idea?

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