How to understand the Entities system of CEV?

Before I learn CE, I thought it was a ECS. But I found It is like the Actor-component system of UE not an ECS Architecture...
In the ECS,Component should not have function,only have plain data, and System has functions. But the entities system of CE is more like Component has data and functions and system manage entities.
Is it right?

And why is the custom entitiy always inherit from IEntityComponent instead of IEntity?

Re: How to understand the Entities system of CEV?

You are correct the the current Entity Components in CRYENGINE do not separate Data from System Logic. We are aware of this issue and is something we want to improve upon.
You can of course create an ECS data-system framework using the current Entity Component System. It will require you to write your own code though. This is not technically required though.

Entity Components inherit from the Entity Component interface as an Entity itself holds the components. You can create an Entity Class which contains specific Entity Components (See the Schematyc Entities).
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