Creating an interactive sink in Cryengine through flowgraph

Hello everyone! I made this tutorial as part of a series of more specific tutorials called "Toolbox Topics"

This one covers creating an interactive sink, however this sort of tutorial can help you create just about any interactive object, within the limits of the framework of flowgraph. I will be following these up with Schematic tutorials covering the same stuff for those who are moving over to that system for such things.

This tutorial is definitely not that complex, but you should probably have some basic flowgraph understanding. For that I suggest following some of the basic flowgraph tutorials found here: ... XfCexrYaik

And here is my tutorial:

Hope you guys find it useful!

Re: Creating an interactive sink in Cryengine through flowgraph

Agreed, nice tutorial that even contains an audio setup for once. ;)
There's a small thing that I would like to add in regards to audio. I noticed that you used three ATS in your setup. The same behavior can be achieved by using just one ATS or none at all and triggering audio straight via the particle effect. This even yields the advantage of adjusting the audio to the water stream's strength. That however only works currently via professional audio middleware such as Fmod or Wwise. Feel free to ping me here or in the CryCommunity Slack channels if you like to know more.

Re: Creating an interactive sink in Cryengine through flowgraph


Yeah I remember my sound guy mentioning single entity use, but I was using sdlmixer, which has very limited features. And I wanted to keep it dead simple since the tutorial wasn't really focused on correct audio setup (it was getting pretty long as it was.)

However if you think it would fill some gaps, I can easily go over proper Wwise audio setup, or SDL mixer. I have done quite a bit of work with particle sounds for Dark Vale.

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