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I 100% agree what 'cwicwi' said in the first page. Please make detailed and clean tutorials for beginners. I want crytek to make > Complete introduction to material editor/Environment Editor/Vegetation Editor/Flowgraph/Schematyc/Entity Components/Beautiful Environment Creation/Lights/SVOGI and a lot more. This is not 2010 and 2012-2013 year anymore. UE4 and Unity are moving forward too fast, compared to cryengine and cryengine is like far away. Dear Crytek, Don't you think its time to move on seriously and start real business? Otherwise everytime you're going to be remembered for most people as 'Old Engine, Dead Engine. Buggy Engine. No good tutorials, Small Community, Small Marketplace, etc. Do you want this to be happened like years and years and years and years until absolutely everybody even the very few people will stop using this engine? Just think about it of what I said above. You need to get into serious mode. I believe there is no better game engine than cryengine, when it comes to life-like graphics. So start the real professionalism now.
Keep in mind that the CRYENGINE team is much, much smaller compared to Unity and Unreal Engine teams. Development is ofcourse impacted by that. Having a huge team is very costly.

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

I agree with reziko233 and also understand and agree with lavizh said too.
We all want Cryengine to improve their learning content, overall quality of the engine and usability of it.
We know they are working in the engine, the roadmap is here for everyone. But one thing I'd like to see is a constant growing work to built a stronger community, big social media websites such as facebook, instagram and youtube are essencial to maintain a strong presence these days. Maybe also try some way to bring people that already know how to use the engine to create new video tutorials with new content, something like that. We know tha the bigger the community and users supporting it the greater the improvements.

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The Tutorials Are Long And For The Most Part Not The Answer To My Calling, We Need REAL Tutorials That Get DEEP Into The CRYENGINE, i Don't Wanna Be A Generic Developer With Minimal Talent And Ability, I Wanna BE The Greatest There Can Be And I Have Chosen Your Engine! In Order To Understand Your Engine, Your Expression, I Must Need Input From You:

Please Eagerly Make Videos On HOW, To Use The CRYENGINE To Add My WORK Into It, To Make IT About MY EXPRESSION, On Top Of Yours...

Heres Some Beginner Tuts:
Adding A Player That Can Be Fully Utilized Through Code, Meaning, How TO Make Him Melee, Range Attach, Use Particles When He Moves, Hits, Melees, Shoots, Presses A Button!
Lots Of Script Guidance, We Need Particle Tutorials On Scrips, We Need Animation, More Deeper, Complex Animation Adding And Combing With In Scrips, We Need More Guidance On How To Actually Use The CRYENGINE With The Scrips!
If This Is Not Your Path Then Fine! Show Us How To Use The Flow-graph To Utilize, To Edit The Player.cpp Scripts, Tell Us How to Use The Flow Chart To Do A Lot Of Things, That Are Convenience, Make Tuts Like 1 Min Or Something lol, Efficient Yet Powerful, And Make Sure The End Result Is Always Shown!


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