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Amazing indeed :)

I believe the best learning initiative is RELEASE SAMPLE CONTENT... Not something like GameSDK, but specific (modular) game components that the community can "play with" and learn from: character controller, visual effects / particles packages, animation samples, sample levels.


Video materials like "Dunes Tutorial" and "Create a forest scene" are very good, but wayyyyyyy less valuable without releasing the assets :( Not comparing, but Lumberyard have a series of video trainings and the visualizations are very low... in the other hand, their Sample Project has very better numbers.

Again not comparing, but all the other big engines have a portfolio of awesome samples that all the community knows about... we need something like that in Cryengine!! That samples are marketing tools as well ;)

Remember Brian, the Cryengine community is at your side :) You can count on us and we count on you to bring us excelent content :)

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AI tutorials for c++ and c# are seriously lacking. Only docs for GameSDK and LUA, which is not useful in the slightest. Since AI for the templates is "at risk" in the roadmap for 5.5, I assume we won't have it until 5.7 since some things for AI in 5.6 are also delayed or at risk, and AI is an integral part of a game and most people will not be able to wait a year or two for AI to be added to CryEngine and instead to move onto something like LY, which at least has better docs for AI and a working example.

TLDR; AI tutorials for c++ and c# would be extremely useful!

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I like this tutorial: Combining Components 1 - RigidBody and Particles, because it provides something you can download, thus make it easier for the learner.
I don't like this tutorial: Combining Components 2 - Collectibles and PowerUps because I follow it and I can't make it works (I suggest you to provide the downloadable complete work file, so if the learners stuck, they can check where they go wrong, also provide comment section, in case the tutorial is out-dated and not working for the current version of CryEngine)
Small tips
How to add an image to a forum post
[C++] How to smoothly turn your character

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Two Major Concepts that come to mind, that I think would help generate a lot of social media buzz, would be adding two kinds of tutorial series, like a TV series. The purpose of these tutorial series would be to generate social media interest first, then directing people to more traditional Cryengine tutorials courses, that people have already suggested here in the forums, for a deeper understanding.

"This is how we made Crysis" series
Where you have a tutorial showing 1-2 techniques a week that you did in cryengine for crysis series, a key unique effect in flowgraph, modelling technique, AI, sound, UI, etc.
example: "how we started a boss battle", "how we made player camera switch to ingame cinematic camera", "Ai controlling a vehicle, giving a player an ability(cloak). How we made this building explode or this thing catch on fire, etc.
- this is how we set up our grass for effeciency, this is how we made enemy AI climb this object, etc.

"The Cryengine Challenge"
Where viewers ask you to create things that exist in other games. Get viewers involved by asking them to submit ideas or concepts from other games, and then trying to reproduce them in cryengine.

- DOOM "Can you create the ability to climb ledges with jump key? or spacebar key?"
- Rainbow Six: Siege "Can you make destroy-able walls in a house? based on projectile position on the wall?"
- Rainbow Six: Siege "Can you make a deployable drone with a camera?"
- Witcher 3 "collecting items from vegitation; harvesting herbs from plants or bushs"
- DayZ "How do you make randomised loot in a town with loot tables(.xml)? loot spawn positions?"
- Call of Duty "Calling in an air strike after picking an item up, with a camera attached to an object acting as the bomb falling from the sky"
- Sim City "clicking on a UI element that spawns items or structures on the map, clicking on the new structure creates a new UI with buttons that can change behaviour or visuals of the structure"
- Grand Theft Auto "can you create random Civilian AI spawning in and out of an area or town, walking in and out of buildings or vehicles, but when I leave the area they stop spawning or rendering, but as I get close to the town they re-generate. Creating a Database or cache to store AI if needed."

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I am a non programmer , can super dooper cryengine team can integrate easy system so that non programmer like me can achieve something with cryengine? "Achieved With Cryengine" i need this to be done in a non programmer way. Please include flow graph beginner to advance level tutorial, level optimization techniques, that most gaming industries use. Simply love and always will love Cryengine. Lets Get this done shall we? Gentleman ?

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Is possible release and publish new docs online html files or pdf to offline download files? When you want publish new docs?when date?
I think C# tutorials pages is great for people like as me , cause I used C# for 8 years (make game -make application) , I checked syntax game play unity c# , really If we see this syntax at cryengine , will be awesome, thanks a lot for your hard work ce team :-)

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