CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Image Hi, my name is Brian Dilg, and I'm the CRYENGINE Learning Manager here at Crytek since October 1, 2017. My mandate can be summarized pretty simply: I’m here to make it as easy to learn CRYENGINE as it is rewarding to use. We’ll be rolling out a whole suite of major learning initiatives in the coming months that you’ll see announced on all of our media channels, including online tutorials, classes, courseware, tips, documentation updates, webinars, articles, master classes, and other programs to be announced.

Having come to Crytek with no experience using CRYENGINE, I know what it feels like to be new to and overwhelmed by its feature set, whether you’re an artist, a level designer, animator, or programmer. We’re going to create a standardized curriculum that teaches you the core concepts of using the tools as you build mini-games, and many shorter tutorials and long-form webinars in which our own experts show you best practices and their favorite tricks for game development using CRYENGINE. We’ll also be producing many tutorials on extending, customizing, and maximizing the power of the engine through C++.

To help us help you, please post all requests for learning materials here in this thread and your contributions in our Community Tutorials forum, as well as feedback on any learning assets as we post them. We know that you all have long wish lists for learning and support materials that we will be working to fulfill. Keeping your requests organized in this one forum will be a huge help; there are simply too many social media platforms and channels for us to be able to comb through thousands of posts looking for requests, although we make an effort to always keep an open channel on the CRYENGINE DEVELOPMENT Discord server where we are present for a more immediate approach.

Keep in mind that while we cannot respond to every individual request with a new tutorial, we will watch your requests to help us prioritize our learning asset production, and by making it much, much easier to learn and use CRYENGINE, we will also make it easier for you as community members to help each other. To that end, one of the first major posts you're going to see from me is a tutorial about how to make great tutorials, including tips specific to video production and written formats.

If you happen to be in Germany or around, you can be amongst the first to sign up for our first live CRYENGINE crash course at events being held at SAE Institute (Leipzig Dec. 9 and Hanover Dec. 16, 2017) and Games Academy (Frankfurt January 17 and Berlin January 31, 2018 - watch their web site for the official announcement). Note that these seminars will be conducted in English.

I’m looking forward to helping you all become CRYENGINE masters!
Brian Dilg
CRYENGINE Learning Manager, Crytek GmbH

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Looking forward!!!!!!!!!

My "Tutorial Wish List":

- Creating a TRUE First Person character from scratch (ability to see your own body, locomotion system, interaction system)
- Realtime Lighting (SVOTI, volumetric light, night / day)
- Mastering animation workflow (true first person animations, using Inverse Kinematics)

And i believe the topics below are very interesting to cover as well:

- 5.4 new features: Entity components, Soft Depth Test, Terrain Blending, Extended Detail Bending (Robinson Tech)
- Creating materials (PBR, creating materials from Substance, material advanced configurations, Tesselation / Parallax Occlusion)
- Using Schematyk to build complex game mechanics
- Create UI / HUD elements
- Using the new Asset workflow (import FBX, generate LODs, create prefabs)
- New Particle Editor ( Particle Editor Presets Library, building "real life" samples of rain, fire, smoke, drops, lightning)
- Water volumes / Road Tool / Editing the Terrain

Thanks a lot and good luck!!

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

huge congrats Brian ! I'm very happy to see Crytek moving in the right direction.
I think would be awesome to have proper game tutorials, like from start to finish little game projects. I'm talking about game genres unusual to CE in general because there is this idea that CE is just for FPS and I think this is the first prejudice to fight.
I'm aware that since Schemantyc will be replaced with the new version it is better to wait for the new one to start teaching it in the best way as possible, so I hope it will be launched as ASAP.

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

@cwicwi Thanks for taking the time to post your suggestions, all excellent ideas that we'll work to address piece by piece.

@ahmad0karami We have no tutorials for sale. Everything we have is freely available. Webinars are streamed live for subscribers, then released to the general public a month later. Unity, for example, does indeed have many free tutorials, but you have to pay to access their game development course through PluralSight. We currently have no such policy or content.

@neverfollow81, @albim75 Thank you for your posts and suggestions - looking forward to helping you!
Brian Dilg
CRYENGINE Learning Manager, Crytek GmbH

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Hi, hope to see you around the forums.

Some tutorials that I think would be nice

-creating a match making lobby
-setting up your game to run on a server with the whole closing and opening lobbies on states of the lobby
-a nice in-game menu with many options
-dynamic weather system
-creating land for set biomes.
-modeling (tree's, plants, building's, cars, etc)

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Excelent news!!!!

My suggestions:

- TRUE first person character controller from scratch - locomotion, animation, interaction, weapons
- SVOTI and Cryengine lighting in general (with interior / exterior environments)
- Create UI / HUD elements (on screen object "markers", weapons menu, game menus)

You could bring us some content from Hunt: Showdown, that would be super awesome!!

Looking forward :)

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