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This is an excellent initiative, I really can't wait to see the new learning materials from Brian!

Couple of suggestions from my end:
  • Keep the length of the videos less than 15 minutes each.
  • For larger tutorial series, please enumerate videos in a playlist, so it would be easier to follow them in a sequence.
  • Please continue doing video overviews of the new CE releases and feature showcases, those are really useful.
  • It would be nice to see tutorials demystifying some of the CE's systems. For instance, explain why people would choose C# over C++, or differences between Schematyc and Lua.
  • Currently, there are multiple ways of getting assets from a 3D program to the engine (via plugins or via the FBX importer) - would be nice to see detailed pros and cons of both approaches.
  • In my opinion, Helder Pinto's Cryengine 3 tutorial series is still the best CE learning resource available. Even though much has changed with CE since then, it is still somewhat applicable. Would be nice to see a similar project based tutorial approach, but with Brian's teaching prowess.
  • As a matter of fact, I am really liking what the Lumberyard team is doing with their video tutorials as of late. Definitely some of the best engine-related tutorials out there. Perhaps it is worth taking a look at those too.
  • Have some insider tips and tricks as well, similar to those found in the CE documentation (creating moss from Ryse, creating damage decals, etc.). Those are incredibly useful, and I can bet Crytek has a wealth of such knowledge, providing that in addition to developing an engine, they make their own games too.
That's all I could think for now. I am legitimately excited about this initiative, it is truly a sign for better things to come :)
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Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives


Oh yeah - please add the beta versions of the engine downloadable from the launcher, instead of having to manually get it from github and install it in some awkward way or something. People who are excited in testing out the cool new toys, but who are not programmers, will not find that a very user friendly approach (as compared to Unreal Engine).
Thanks for your feedback, Shadow and y'all!

On quote: While this is something that doesn't have to do with learning per se, let me jump in real quick and say that we're working on bringing Previews to the launcher. It's being worked at, yet release of this feature is TBD, still.
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Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

@ cry. Good to know, looking forward to that.

I'd like to mention Release streams as you did with 5.0 and 5.1 would be welcome, kind of disappointing that you've been skipping a few (unless I missed them somehow). Short introductions to new tools during these streams were fun - watched those more than I should have I think. Also, bring back Angela De Castro - make the boys fall in love with her, and your engine's graphics (I'm looking at you Hunt, and Wolcen), and they'll never go away. Just read the comments on those streams & you'll get what Imma sayin.

I've been following Hunt - I wonder if they'll add modding support, or a stripped down kit similar to gameSDK (hopefully minus the multiplayer code) for excited, budding game dev's to mod. Then you could add some tutorials around that - should be a fun introduction to the engine.

Just a few ideas, take care now.

(Don't search for those videos, you'll keep watchin em over n over again. Just kitten...ya'll like cat jokes? Lul, cheers)

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

We need way more tutorials for schematyc. It's such an interesting feature for artists (I assume coders aren't using it that much), so tutorials explaining basic and maybe intermediate concepts would be golden. Like a basic tutorial on how to setup basic character movement with schematyc (pitch, yaw, holding a button to change the character speed (shift for sprinting for exemple), so on so forth). I think that what draws so many people to unreal is the fact that it barely takes 20 minutes to import your custom character and use it in game. Even a 5 years old child could create basic gameplay with unreal. Cryengine really needs to reach that level of ease to attract more indie devs. I also think that the character tool (for creating blendspaces) needs to be redone from scratch. Lumberyard got Emotion FX which is easy as pie. Unreal is also very simple to use, just drag your animations in the graph, set up the state machine, and you're done. In CE you have to manually place your character on the grid for each position, resize the grid, everything is buried under a bunch of menus, you also have to edit the blendspaces in a text editor to duplicate values and set them to positive (sure it's not complicated, but it's really rough). It's really a nightmare to use when you're used to other engines. I'm not trying to be mean, I LOVE Cryengine, but I think some key areas really need to be improved in order to attract more users.

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

This is amazing news, Cryengine!

Such a positive move to enable potential "CryEngineers" to learn the engine, in a more educational purpose. In my eyes I would love to see the tutorials aimed at catering for all levels of Cryengine. Which includes Environment Creation / Creating effective lighting for a particular scene, whether it be the one that is created in the previous "lessons", then in future releases or tutorials complete lessons for creating Generic FPS templates, RPG's, etc

But either way i look forward to seeing what Brian and the team release!

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

Amazing indeed :)

I believe the best learning initiative is RELEASE SAMPLE CONTENT... Not something like GameSDK, but specific (modular) game components that the community can "play with" and learn from: character controller, visual effects / particles packages, animation samples, sample levels.


Video materials like "Dunes Tutorial" and "Create a forest scene" are very good, but wayyyyyyy less valuable without releasing the assets :( Not comparing, but Lumberyard have a series of video trainings and the visualizations are very low... in the other hand, their Sample Project has very better numbers.

Again not comparing, but all the other big engines have a portfolio of awesome samples that all the community knows about... we need something like that in Cryengine!! That samples are marketing tools as well ;)

Remember Brian, the Cryengine community is at your side :) You can count on us and we count on you to bring us excelent content :)

Re: CRYENGINE Learning Initiatives

AI tutorials for c++ and c# are seriously lacking. Only docs for GameSDK and LUA, which is not useful in the slightest. Since AI for the templates is "at risk" in the roadmap for 5.5, I assume we won't have it until 5.7 since some things for AI in 5.6 are also delayed or at risk, and AI is an integral part of a game and most people will not be able to wait a year or two for AI to be added to CryEngine and instead to move onto something like LY, which at least has better docs for AI and a working example.

TLDR; AI tutorials for c++ and c# would be extremely useful!

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