Player Lock Onto enemy RMB.

Hi i have been working on this feature for awhile, an finally got it working. I noticed there are no tuts for a player lock onto enemy capability with RMB or left trigger. Left trigger can be added to this function if wanted. Now from 3rd person, first person, side scroller or top view. This allows the player to lock onto an enemy! After enemy is dead, it will lock onto the next closes target available. Note: you can change the distance to how far you want to lock onto an enemy, an also you have to use this script for every enemy! Just copy and paste the code, an change the entity id name for the new target! There is a couple things i have to work out, but none the less this works! I hope you guys enjoy this. Keep me informed if anyone is able to better the script! THANKS.
Player Lock Onto Enemy RMB.PNG
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