Free Cryengine Community Tutorials

Hey GUIs!

We have been hard at work developing a new platform for Cryengine video tutorials!

Over the past 4 months, we have developed a brand new experience dedicated to the Cryengine community that hosts community content for anyone at no cost and no registration.

Check it out here:

The website is still under development and we plan to add more to it in the future.
I'll keep this article updated with upcoming updates and content releases.

In the future, we plan to add:
  1. Search Capabilities
  2. View Counts
  3. Video Ratings
  4. Login / Create User system
  5. User Comments
  6. Advanced Searches

If you would like to add to our Community Content, please send us a message on our Partner With Us page:

There are some cool benefits to this, especially if you're an active content creator!
By partnering with us, we can:
  • Subscribe to your YouTube Channel through code and get PUSH notifications for any new uploads you make. Then these new uploads can be given a category and immediately get published to the website! All dynamically and near real time.
  • You get spot on our Community Members List: Here you can,
    • Put your FirstName
    • Put your LastName
    • Show a common Username you associate with
    • List your Email that is hidden until a user verifies they are human
    • List your Website
    • Link to your Youtube
    • Link to your Facebook
    • Link to your Twitter
    • Link to your Skype
    • Link to your Cryengine profile
    • Set your profile picture
Join our new community of content creators and help the community grow and understand Cryengine!
Be sure to share this with your fellow Cryengineers!

If you would like, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Thank you, and we hope you find it useful!
Anthony House
Iowa State University | Senior
Software Engineering

CEO | The Design GUIs
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