Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

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- Most of the answers are written in post #2 and in the end #19-#22.

For using Flowgraph you will need to use GameSDK.
GameSDK from source (GitHub) is not needed, The attempt to change code and generate solution from source has not been sucessfull.
GameSDK is favoured to be used by a plugin for Sandbox.
To change a 3rd person character it is mentioned to change its Lua file.
To change a 3rd person character it is recommended to apply "Flappy Boid" Tutorial #2 and #13.

Hope this helps out for a fast research and a good-mood-solution...


Hi there

I want to design a game with my own 3rd person character and want to use non/minor programming code for game logic with the use of flowgraph (or other visual helps).

How to achieve this?
1. With gameSDK:
Problem - I cant change the character in gameSDK as far as I know... (for using own character, it is a needed to have source code of gameSDK to generate solution and so on... +) (I looked up with github, but could not find sorce code but for patches) ---> I see no success with this approach...
2. Generate new project:
Generate solution with own character and importing then legacy entities form gameSDK to develope logic with flowgraph. Problem - legacy entities are partwise obsolete---> but preferred solution?*

With 1. Is there a solution to have source code for gameSDK? If no, I see no possibilities to achieve a change in 3rd person character. +) Cry-Flare in post 14# with code in github... I cant find source code please advice: if so possible, this would solve the character exchange and could programm by flowgraph by generating solutions with cmake!
With 2. There are problems importing legacy entities with its functionalities.*) Tutorials are not proper consistent and there are obsolete entities.*)
- eg. Generate/Repair Metadata for lua files not working / proximity triggers and so on not working **)
- eg. Legacy entities are obsolete from gameSDK used in new projects. ***) There are inconsistent information with functionalities ****) e.g. see post #14 for diverse not working entities...

Do you have recommendations? How can I use game logic with flowgraph and use a 3rd person character the cheapest way with non/minor programming skills of C++.

Should I follow the GameSDK with flowgraph or should I generate a new project with fixing all the legacy entities for using flowgraph? Or, do you have other solutions?

Thanks for the reply!

+ viewtopic.php?f=15&t=979&hilit=lua+icry ... e&start=10
* ... k-projects
* viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10681&p=20631&hilit ... ete#p20631
** ... set+System
*** viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11086&p=22009&hilit ... 2f1#p22009
*** viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10681&p=20658&hilit ... 2f1#p20658
**** viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1309&hilit=proximi ... a07e775054
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Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?


First: Full source code is available through github. This will include all the files for the engine, and the GameSDK.

Secondly: You don't need access to the full source in order to change the character model. A lot of the GameSDK is handled by Lua scripts. To modify the player model, you'd want to modify the player.lua file, which should be located in the scripts.pak under Scripts/Entities/Actor.

Third: Attempting to get legacy entities to work with the new templates is not advised and will most likely not work in many cases, especially with a lack of programming knowledge. If you wish to focus primarily on FlowGraph, I'd recommend you continue to use GameSDK. The Template projects do not come with the same level of flowgraph nodes as the GameSDK, and would require C++ knowledge to create the ones you would likely need to make your game.

Hope that covers your questions. Let me know if you have anymore :)

Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

Hi Cry-Drake

thanks for your instructions...

I set up the source code and gameSDK through GitHub with the tutorials. ... rom-github
I just stucked with errors in the build process with VS2017 (see below), and with an abort when debugging with profile settings (Sandbox.exe abort).

Can you help me out of this with some more fixes?

I went through the following processes:

On the base of: ... ect-guides

following the tutorials ... ual-studio ... rom-github

checked GitHub page with building guide for engine
incl. szlib and fbxsdk, cmake config

viewtopic.php?f=15&t=236206&p=2236260&h ... b#p2236260
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=235861&sid=88f8ccd ... 8c5b3420dd

Error Messages:

building project with profile generates error in errorlist:
Errors while building solution
build_error.png (56.58 KiB) Viewed 4614 times
but ok in output for:
========== Erstellen: 96 erfolgreich, 16 fehlerhaft, 0 aktuell, 13 übersprungen ==========

then debugging with local build debugger I get:
Errors while debugging
debugging_errorlist.png (13.95 KiB) Viewed 4611 times
1>------ Erstellen gestartet: Projekt: Sandbox (CRYENGINE\Sandbox\Sandbox), Konfiguration: Profile x64 ------
1>Automatic MOC for target Sandbox
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1207: Inkompatibles PDB-Format in "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\gaming\GitHub\CRYENGINE\bin\win_x64\Sandbox.pdb""; Löschen und neu erstellen.
1>Die Erstellung des Projekts "Sandbox.vcxproj" ist abgeschlossen -- FEHLER.
========== Erstellen: 0 erfolgreich, 1 fehlerhaft, 7 aktuell, 0 übersprungen ==========

executing running last successful build with debugger :
Error running successful build
debugging_error.png (5.29 KiB) Viewed 4614 times

what I'm supposed to do?

Thanks for help :-)
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Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?


For future assistance, please keep all reports and error messages in english.

Moving forward, please try rebuilding the entire solution after having closed and reopened visual studio. This is a process that should take between 30-60 mins, depending on your system. After that building is done, you can then try and run the sandbox project specifically from inside visual studio which should open a menu to select a project to use or create.

Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

Hi Cry-Drake

Rebuilding entire solution successful with CMake Version 3.9, instead of the latest version 3.22. That made the trick... exactly proceeded along your tutorials... thanks.

How to run GameSDK in Sandbox from inside VS17 to open new level and useing flowgraph then? I get now clue with: ... tom+Engine

Can you please advice? :?

Many thanks...

Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

If you downloaded the GameSDK asset, that project is going to be a plugin. Any solution you generate through that cryproject, will be the solution for the plugin. Any code changes done inside the plugin, will affect the plugin only.

To run the GameSDK through the full source, you'd run the compiled full source, and a window should appear to select the project to open. If you registered the GameSDK project, it should appear in that window. You can select it there.

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