Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

Thanks for the turn around!

I let me guide by the tutorials (e.g. the deer project, cherry picking GameSDK assets, ...) and feeling the need of having access to the player.cpp files and so on... Thats what made me going wiht the Source Code.

So when you suggest me to follow the Flappy Boid, I wil invest in this, further to LUA files and game nodes. There should be more to extract. Hope it wont be outdated...

For a beginner like me, it seemed to be necessary to go through this process. In this heeps of information and divers tutorials, it is very hard so see the way in the jungle. I think to make contact to the tutorial section to ask for a more outlined walkthrough, specialy to this simple kind of project. In the meantime about 10000 users have seen this post, so it seems to be a need for many other users too.

Many thanks for your investigations and probably read you again.

Thanx a lot! :lol: :lol:

Re: Game Logic with Flowgraph and setup 3rd Person Character in GameSDK or in new Project?

Unfortunately, when dealing with GameSDK, you'll be encountering a lot of outdated material. GameSDK uses Lua, which is deprecated. You can still use it, and make games with it, but since it is no longer supported, you'll find very little in way of tutorials or guidance.

I strongly encourage using our public discord to get in touch with other users that do use GameSDK and could perhaps assist you with certain functionalities.

Most of the time, you'll find that there just won't be any tutorials for what you need, and you'll have to discover it on your own. As much as I'd like to see more tutorials for the above, they are no longer actively supported, and therefore no more tutorials will be made for them by Crytek. For the future, Crytek is focusing on Schematyc Visual Scripting and C++ Entity Component Systems. No more Lua, and eventually no more Flowgraph. That doesn't mean you can't use them, Games are made with them regularly, but it does mean for longevity, you'll eventually want to invest in learning C++ and Schematyc.

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