Image Our latest Master Class provides an introduction to CRYENGINE for C++ programmers and game designers.

Software Engineer Alexander Klinger delivers our latest CRYENGINE Master Class, providing an introduction to CRYENGINE 5.6 aimed at C++ game programmers and game designers who would like to develop their understanding of game programming in our engine.

The presentation, which lasts just over an hour, is wide-ranging and includes a discussion of the game plug-in, the entity component system, physics, how to capture and react to input, and how to spawn and control entities and components through code. Alexander also demonstrates how to react to events and message through the console, write a custom entity component with game logic behind it, write a custom console variable, debugging and drawing, and much more.

For those of you who wish to dive deeper into some of the topics covered in this Master Class, check out our comprehensive written documentation about the following core systems:

- Projects and Plug-ins
- Entities
- Console and CVar Tutorial
- FlowGraph Programming

If you are completely new to CRYENGINE, we recommend that you download our beginner's course, which shows you how to make a complete game with our engine, or watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub, which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently. Want to show your love for CRYENGINE? Pick up merch over on the official online Crytek Shop.

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