Re: HOW i can learn making games ?

hi! i'm not professional but i have some basic info for you this is what i experinced in last few years : u dont have to learn 2nd and 3rd u can use samples and assets and .... and about coding u can use visual script too in cryengine there's a flowgraph system that help u to make ur game without coding (if u are new to coding start with learning python after that u can start learning c# or if u want u can go straight to c# if u won't be confuse it's ur choice )
1-first you need to know what are u making ,what is your game about, the genre , the people who will play ur game ,2d or 3d and a basic story like a runner guy (for example my game have inventory, network,....)
2- then you need to decide that u will modeling you objects or u will use assets (you can use cryengine game sdk assets too)
if u want model urself u have to choose the software i highly recommand blender (free and easy) (you can use crysandbox too i think blender is free and with a lot of tutorials i learned from blenderguru on
3- you can learn making musics or use the free musics i use cakewalk (free and easy)
4- u need to chose the engine and program language (Tip : becareful i used to earn some language and after that i find out the game engine i want to use won't support them and i had to learn another that took a lot of time ) u can chose the game engine then chose the language that u want to leran or learn a language then chose the engine that supports it
5- after learning the language and engine u need to add ur object and make ur scene and start coding and debugging then in most engine u will find export option , u just chose the system u want like ps4 xbox windows or android and ios then u will wait till engine finish the work and u have the game.exe file with the objects u used and u can make installer with other softwares
trailer and these things are up to u
6- uploading ur game to itchi or steam or ....

P.S=don't start with makeing complicated games use the platformer game 2d and the simple things for beggening
always use youtube or document tutorials and ask your questions in cummunities
i hope that i answered u correctly and knew what was ur question

srry for mistake in typing i can't speek english very well :D

Re: HOW i can learn making games ?

I've been doing engine tutorial on youtube for 2 years and have been recording game footage with fraps and webcam with Movavi. Only with streaming do I put in Movavi. There is a way to record separate files in Movavi for gaming and webcam at the same time.
Additional: When I bought Mac I don't know how to record my Mac screen and after research from this article I do it ... n-mac.html - various types of loans

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