Show Us How to Move Around in the Editor

Please someone show us how to move around in the editor. I am using the latest engine and am totally new to cryengine.
I have watched some tutorials on how to get started & do certain things, but no one shows us how to move around.
For instance I watched a couple of the badly outdated tuts on "How to Get Started," and I saw how the person doing the video would move around in the editor, but there was no explanation on how he was doing that.
He would place an object & then move it to where he wanted, or he would go around the object and zoom in & out, but still no explanation of how.
I need a basic tutorial on how to do the simple things in the editor so that I can move on to the move complex tutorials.
Can someone please point me to the right source for this?
I would appreciate it very much.

Re: Show Us How to Move Around in the Editor

Good place to start is here ... Navigation
The Cryengine Documentation. while having somewhat scattered and old information here & there, is very helpful and there's a good chance it might the the answers you need.
Essentially though, you use W, A, S ,D to move the camera around and then hold down right mouse click to rotate around. If you want the camera to move around faster you can hold Shift at the same time.

Re: Show Us How to Move Around in the Editor

Yes, the explanation you gave was very helpful in some ways, but I was not talking about how to move in the game, but in the editor when I am trying to go through the tutorials and do what the tutorial is doing.
I've played enough games to know the WASD controls & the right mouse button & the shift key.
I was referring to actually creating in the cryengine editor.
I will experiment further using different keys to see how it is done, but I thought that there might be a tutorial on how to do this.
BTW, why are the tutorials so outdated?
They say they have been updated this year, but I watched these same tutorials 6 years ago in 2014 when I first got interested in cryengine.
When you watch the tutorials, you will see that they are using an older game engine 5.0.0, but now they are now up to 5.6.7.
Is no one updating them to correlate to the newer game engines?

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