Auto-package with release option creates a build without CryGameSDK.dll


I'm a new here so I apologize if I missed the answer, but I can't find it anywhere. When I create my game package in windows 10 by right clicking on project file and choosing a "Package Build" option the package is created. I tried for both Profiler and Release option. If I run the game then Profiler version works, but Release version is asking for CryGameSDK.dll, it says dll is missing. If I copy the dll manually to the package bin folder (bin\win_x64_release) nothing changes. DLL is there, but launcher says it is not. Can anyone help me please?

I'm using an engine ver 5.6.7, my test game is based on GameSDK (I just added one level and a spawn point). So I don't use any VS builds and so on. I just create a project in launcher GUI, run editor, make 1 change for spawn point, export game to engine from the sandbox editor and that's it.

Apreciate if any of you can help

Re: Auto-package with release option creates a build without CryGameSDK.dll

Hi spacewarp,

You cannot mix Profile and Release binaries (by copying profile CryGameSDK.dll to release version).
Currently only the engine binaries are shipped in release configuration.

This means for any project (Template or GameSDK) you will need to compile the project from source in release mode yourself.
As this is the start of the project I would not worry too much about release configuration. Once you are ready, compiling the engine (and/or GameSDK) can be a relatively simple process (Install some software, click a few buttons).

If you are interested in compiling the engine, or GameSDK, in release or profile yourself then we have videos showing how to do this; ... fvT_1GyWKO (First 3 videos are relevant). Make sure to copy the szip SDK as described on the GitHub page, this was not mentioned in the video as it was a later addition.
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