[TUTORIAL] Workflow CryEngine 5.6.5 - Oculus Rift S

With this post I want to share my current experience.

My wish was to build a game which I can start in 3D as well in VR.
All files are attached as example!

Step by step:

1.) Download CryEngine 5.6.5 = Masterenginepath

2.) Download GameSDK Samplescene = Master-SDK-Path
HDD:\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6

3.) Copy the Master-SDK-Path to any location and name it as your project, for example „my game“
Copy: HDD:\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\ GameSDK
Rename the copy: HDD:\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\My Game

4.) open this folder and rename the „GameSDK.cryproject“ – file to your projects name. For example:
HDD:\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\ My Game\my_game.cryproject

5.) open this *.cryprojectfile with notepad++ and edit in the „Info-Block“ your NAME:

Code: Select all

"name": "GameSDK"

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"name": "my_game"
... and add below the block:

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{ "type": "EPluginType::Native", "path": "CryLobby" },
the entry

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{ "path": "CryOculusVR", "type": "EPluginType::Native" },
As same as written here: https://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMANUAL/Oculus+Rift
Save and close your *.cryprojectfile

6.) open the CryEngine launcher and hit in the projects-section „import“. Browse to your location and import the project (my game - root). Now run the project and open or create within a new map.
-> If the CryEngine-Launcher wont import the project please make sure that you dont have setup the top "GameSDK" folder (inside is the 2nd one - renamed to your project)
The path you want to import must be looking like this: HDD:\My Game\my_game.cryproject
The sandbox-Editor should start now properly

7.) Once your map is created (https://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMANUAL/Tutorials), place a SpawnPoint (where you want to start in your map) by using:
Create Object -> Legacy Entities -> SpawnPoint
-> now hit in the menu bar upper left:
File -> Export to Engine
-> close the Sandbox-Editor

8.) Enable the basic movement for Oculus Rift S controllers:
• Create in your project path the folder [GameSDK\libs\Config]
• extract into this path the [defaultProfile.xml] from [GameSDK\gamedata.pak\libs\Config]
• open this [GameSDK\libs\Config\defaultProfile.xml] and search the string: <!-- Actor 2 basic movement -->
• Change the section FROM:

Code: Select all

<!-- Actor 2 basic movement --> <action name="xi_movey" xboxpad="xi_thumbly" ps4pad="pad_stickly"/> <action name="xi_movex" xboxpad="xi_thumblx" ps4pad="pad_sticklx"/> <action name="xi_rotateyaw" xboxpad="xi_thumbrx" ps4pad="pad_stickrx"/> <action name="xi_rotatepitch" xboxpad="xi_thumbry" ps4pad="pad_stickry"/> <!-- ~Actor 2 basic movement -->

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<!-- Actor 2 basic movement --> <action name="xi_movey" xboxpad="xi_thumbly" ps4pad="pad_stickly" oculustouch="otouch_stickly" openvr="openvr_l_pad_y"/> <action name="xi_movex" xboxpad="xi_thumblx" ps4pad="pad_sticklx" oculustouch="otouch_sticklx" openvr="openvr_l_pad_x"/> <action name="xi_rotateyaw" xboxpad="xi_thumbrx" ps4pad="pad_stickrx" oculustouch="otouch_stickrx" /> <action name="xi_rotatepitch" xboxpad="xi_thumbry" ps4pad="pad_stickry" oculustouch="otouch_stickry" openvr="openvr_l_pad_y"/> <!-- ~Actor 2 basic movement -->
9.) Now click right mouse button at your *.cryprojectfile and use „Package Build“, chose your path and build
Attention: Sometimes an errors appears but please try again, the 2nd build runs well. I guess some not unloaded processes causes this circumstance.

10.) After building the project please open its root and change the entries of the system.cfg to:

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-- ORIGINAL SYSTEM sys_asserts = 0 sys_float_exceptions = 0 -- -- VR-Support sys_vr_support = 0 //1 = activate VR-Support, 0 deactivate VR-Support -- -- PROXIES p_proxy_highlight_threshold=2000000 // highlight Polygonlimit Physical Proxy (Triangles) e_PhysProxyTriLimit=2000000 // Limit Polygone (Triangles) Physical Proxy
11.) Create now besides the system.cfg an autoexec.cfg (please read carefully the entries what you need). Not needed entries please delete or deactivate by using -- in front of it

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-- SYSTEM sys_spec=4 // Maximum Spec r_AntialiasingMode=4 // Antialiasingmode r_depthbits=32 // Bits r_vsync=0 // if V-Sync=1 FPS are fixed to 60 FPS r_MotionBlur=0 // no motion blur r_DisplayInfo=0 // no debug messages (FPS etc. pp.) -- -- VR REQUIRED r_refraction=1 // activates transparency in VR hmd_tracking_origin=2 // Viewpos in VR, 2 = hight of eyes, 1 = pivot = feet r_Fullscreen=0 // no fullscreen at monitor (not affects VR) r_width=960 // resolution width in VR per eye 1920/2 = 960 r_height=1080 // resolution height r_backbufferWidth = 1920 // resolution width eye tex r_backbufferHeight = 1080 // resolution height eye tex cl_bobHeight=0 // deactivate Headbob cl_bobWidth=0 // deactivate Headbob -- -- OPTIONAL HIDE ELEMENTS hud_hide=0 // 1 hide the HUD, 0 HUD is anabled g_hidearms=0 // 1 hide the arms, 0 anable arms r_NoDrawNear=0 // 1 hide all near objects (weapon etc. pp.), 0 enabled -- -- GRAPHICS – EXPERIMENTAL!! r_SSReflections=1 // Screen Space Reflection -> TEST! e_VolumetricFog=0 // voxel based volumetric fog r_VolumetricClouds=0 // volumetric clouds r_ssdoAmountAmbient=1.5 // default 1, raises SSDO-amount r_ssdoAmountReflection=1000 // default 1.5 - intensified Ambient Occlusion (AO) - r_ssdoRadius=2 // default 1.2 - intensified Ambient Occlusion (AO) – TEST! r_ssdoRadiusMax=2 // default 0.2 - intensified Ambient Occlusion (AO) – TEST! r_ssdoRadiusMin=0.1 // default 0.04 - intensified Ambient Occlusion (AO) – TEST! -- -- AUTOSTART MAP IF NEED TO AUTOSTART THE MAP map my_map
12.) For easy builds starting, please create besides the system.cfg and the autoexec.cfg a „Start My Game.bat“

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Currently it seems that CE 5.6.5 denied the builds start when an original *.logfile is written. There is a workaround in conding but unfortunately my skill is not expanded enougth in this case.
So I created another solution:
- Option 1: Delete by hand before you start your builded game the *.log-files or
- Option 2: Create a "Reset To Default.bat":

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echo ***BEGINN ENTRY******************************************************** >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt echo %DATE% %TIME% >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt echo *********************************************************************** >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt echo. >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt taskkill /F /IM GameLauncher.exe >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt del *.log /S /Q >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt del *.dmp /S /Q >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt rd /S /Q user >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt echo ###END ENTRY########################################################### >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt echo. >> %DATE%_MY_DEBUG_LOG.txt
This debug.bat:
- unload all running CE-processes
- delete the user-folder
- delete all *.log-files
-> It also creates an own *.txt log where you can see what this bat has done
After using this bat the build game should running well

Thats it. Please run „Start My Game.bat“ and your map should autoload directly to VR.
If you want to run your map just as 3D but not in VR, please change in the system.cfg the entry:
from: sys_vr_support = 1
to: sys_vr_support = 0

Please note the attached files to this tutorial.
the samplefiles to this tutorial
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