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Hello Friends and developers. I have created this thread to publish some of my knowledge to this great community.
Mostly about level design and flow graph and 3d art. hope to like them and start a similar move on the forum. thanks.

First Tutorial is how to make a blink light effect with flow graph in cryengine.
i was looking for a way to do it but i was getting confused every time but i watch the tutorial on UnrealEngine and i thought that there will be a similar way to do so very easy and time saving way.
here it is :

1. Create a light entity and make sure it is deactivated.
2. Create a flowgraph for it.
3. In flow graph add the light and set up the following order :

4. Then run the game/physics.
Result :
I think Tick function will get the frames ps from time of the system that will toggle the functionality. if you have any suggestion please let me know. Thanks.
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