Cryengine 5 programming tutorials - Animation, Player Camera, Weapons

I wanted to share with you some of the animation and programming tutorials I am posting to my Youtube channel (recorded during Twitch streams)
Hoping it helps some folks out -

Importing a character created using Adobe Fuse and animations in Mixamo into Cryengine -

Creating a blend space in Cryengine Character Tool

Cryengine animation programming and proxies part 1- create new crouching animations, and update the player collision proxy to reflect the crouching position, and be able to go under things

Cryengine animation programming and proxies part 2 - In this video we create states for our player in the input code. We also shoot a ray from the player's head to let us know if the player can stand if the user releases the crouch key

Cryengine camera collisions - this video goes through creating some camera collisions with the environment, as well as using interpolation to smooth transitions/camera movements.

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Re: Cryengine 5 programming tutorials - Animation, Player Camera

This is awesome! Thanks so much for making these tutorials.

Would you consider letting us put these up on our video tutorial community page?

Here's a bit more information on it if you're interested as well:
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