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My question is how to export a character of 3ds Max or Maya to CryEngine 5 or how I create the bone that on the ground
Hello fellow developer, did you figure out how to accomplish your exports? You need to use the CryEngine plugin in 3d max included in your CryEngine directory. The plugins or "Crytools" are easy to setup and it's better you just lookup importing assets then I try to explain the whole process. It's not a big deal and I use Lightwave so I have to export as well but I have to use FBX (which I suggest you try) as the Sandbox has had FBX import options for a while but it's becoming a very convenient way to exchange 3d file formats between Modeling/Animation programs and game engines to ensure compatibility across the board.
Check out these pages to get you past your problems. ;)

Here to read about file formats > ... File+Types
Here for FBX import > ... X+Importer
Here for the 3d max tools and "CryToolsInstaller" > ... +Max+Tools
Once you get your 3ds max plugins setup you can export directly to the CryEngine any and all 3d objects, including animation and texture such as your "character". :) Very much worth the effort!
Best of luck!
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