How to save foliage changes/console/refined tiles?

Hi! So I've started working on my first serious game and I really need some help to get these issues fixed.

Basically, most of what I'm doing in my level doesn't get saved (except of course materials, and environement editor settings). For exemple I'll set the align to terrain value to 100 (when painting foliage) to make sure that my grass snaps to the ground. It works fine, however when I close the level and re open it later, all my foliage settings are reset to default. Same for the console, I know I have to export my changes but I can't import the exported file back. Also, I refine the texture tiles of my terrain and change their resolution to 2K in the import export terrain texture menu (to make terrain painting less blocky). It works very well but when I reopen my level the tiles resolution is set back to it's default settings (256x256 per tile). How can I make these changes permanent?

Edit - Foliage changes are actually being saved now so that's one less issue.

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